Generally, barite is white or light yellow, but pure barite is colorless and transparent. It can be used as white pigment and the filler in chemical, paper making and textile etc. In the process of producing glass, barite can be used as fluxing agent and increase the glossiness of the glass. The barite resources are quite rich in the whole world.

Small Barite Crusher For Sale

The Mohs’ hardness of barite is 3-3.5 and it is non-renewable, so how to make better use of barite and efficiently process it means a lot. For barite processing, crushing is the first stage. SBM provides efficient small crusher for sale to process barite.

This small barite crusher is one of the most popular crushing equipment in the world. It has simple structure but stable performance and high crushing efficiency. And in order to extend the service life of this small crusher, SBM adopts world-leading crushing technology in the producing. Besides, the main crushing parts also adopt high quality material to ensure their long service life.

Barite Powder Production Line

In a barite powder production line, sand making machine is obviously the core equipment. But for bulk barite that cannot directly enter the grinding mill, we need to use the small barite crusher to crush the barite into smaller particles firstly. Then the crushed barite will be sent to grinding mill for grinding into suitable sized powder.

For powder making machine, SBM provides various types and models, such as vertical grinding mill, trapezium mill, ball mill, hammer mill, ultrafine mill etc. Among them, ultrafine mill is particularly suitable for super fine barite powder producing while hammer mill is for coarse barite powder making.

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