Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, bentonite can be used as decolorant, binder, thixotropic agent, deflocculant, filler, and catalytic agent in many industries, such as agriculture, light industry and cosmetics, medicine etc. All in all, bentonite is a kind of natural mineral material that has wide applications.

Small Scale Bentonite Crusher For Sale

With Mohs’ hardness 1-2, bentonite is very soft, so we do not suggest cone crusher to process it. SBM provides jaw crusher and impact crusher that can be used to crush bentonite. But impact crusher is relatively larger than jaw crusher, if the customer needs small scale bentonite crusher, we recommend our jaw crusher for you to choose.

Jaw crusher is one of the most popular stone crushing equipment in the world. It is generally used for primary crushing. SBM jaw crusher has simple structure. It mainly crushes bentonite through the movement of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate. And in order to improve the efficiency and extend the service life of the machine, SBM adopts tooth-boards that are made of high manganese steel in the jaw plates.

Bentonite Crusher In Bentonite Powder Production Line

While used in bentonite powder production line, this small scale bentonite crusher is mainly used to crush the bulk raw bentonite into suitable sizes to enter the grinding mill. Obviously, in bentonite powder production line, bentonite powder making machine is the core equipment. But besides bentonite crusher and powder making machine, we also need some other machines like feeder, bucket elevator, belt conveyor etc.

In the production process, the bentonite will firstly be crushed in the jaw crusher. Then the crushed bentonite will be transferred to the feeder by the bucket elevator and then be fed into the grinding mill. After this, the bentonite particles will be ground into powder in the grinding mill and be conveyed to fixed area for end use.

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