Calcite is a kind of widely distributed mineral. Its Mohs’ hardness is 3. The main component of calcite is Caco3. Normally, calcite can be used as industrial raw material for chemical and cement etc. In metallurgy, calcite can be used as flux; in construction field, calcite can be used to produce cement and lime. If we add calcite while producing glass, we can get translucent glass, which is particularly suitable for making lampshade.

Calcite Crusher And Grinding Mill

SBM provides various machines to process calcite, such as crusher, grinding mill, vibrating screen, dryer etc.

For calcite crusher, our engineers suggest our jaw crusher and impact crusher to process calcite instead of cone crusher. On the one hand, calcite is soft, if we use cone crusher to crush it, there will produce much powder. One the other hand, cone crusher is relatively more expensive, it is not economical to use cone crusher to process calcite.

For calcite grinding mill, we provide various types and models. We have vertical grinding mill, trapezium mill, and ultrafine mill, hammer mill, ball mill etc. for the customers to choose. Among them, ultrafine mill is particularly suitable for super fine calcite powder making while hammer mill is for coarse powder making.

Calcite Powder Production Line

In the calcite powder production line, grinding mill is the core equipment but not the only equipment. We also need a small jaw crusher, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, and feeder and so on. Here, jaw crusher is used to crush the raw calcite into suitable sizes to enter the grinding mill. While working, the raw calcite will firstly be sent into jaw crusher for crushing into particles. Then the particles will be transferred to the feeder by bucket elevator. After this, the feeder will feed the particles into grinding mill for grinding into powder.

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