Dolomite is a kind of common rock-forming mineral. It is the main component of dolostone, which is a kind of sedimentary rock. Dolomite can be used in various fields, such as construction, ceramics, glass and fireproof, chemical, agriculture, environmental protection and energy saving etc. It mainly used as fluxing agent in basic refractory material and blast furnace iron making and used as additive in glass and ceramics making.

Dolomite Crusher In Mexico

There are rich dolomite resources in Mexico, every year a lot of Mexican customers consult our company for dolomite crushing and grinding equipment. For the dolomite crushing equipment, SBM provides jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher, hammer crusher for the customers to choose. As we know, the Mohs’ hardness of dolomite is 3.5-4, so we do not suggest cone crusher to process dolomite.

Among these crushers, jaw crusher is generally used as primary crusher in dolomite crushing plant and impact crusher is normally used as secondary or fine crushing equipment. Hammer crusher is particularly suitable for coarse dolomite powder making with 0-3mm.

Our engineer designed a dolomite crushing plant for a Mexican customer last year. In the plant, there was jaw crusher, impact crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor. In the working process, the raw dolomite will firstly be fed into jaw crusher by the feeder. Then the crushed dolomite will be conveyed to impact crusher for fine crushing to smaller sizes. After this, the dolomite particles discharged from impact crusher will be conveyed to vibrating screen for grading. The parts with desired sizes will be conveyed to fixed area for end use while others will be sent back to impact crusher for re-crushing.

Dolomite Crushing Equipment Price

The price of the above mentioned dolomite crushing equipment is related with the capacity, the raw material and some other factors. The engineers will first recommend suitable type and model for customers according to their situations and then quote the best price. So if you are interested in dolomite crusher, please contact us. Our experienced engineers will do their best to help you.

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