Light Calcium


Light calcium is commonly used in high-precision light industry. Depending on the different needs of the finished product, you can choose Raymond mill or untrafine mill.

The main component of light calcium is calcium hydroxide, which is passed through carbon dioxide and carbonized lime milk to form calcium carbonate precipitate, which is obtained by dehydration, drying and pulverization.

Water content:0.3%~0.8%


Light Calcium Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is based on the research and development of industrial mills for many years, the introduction of the world’s most advanced industrial milling technology, the organization of technical experts and related engineering personnel to carefully design, test and improve the developed industrial mill

Light Calcium Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine mill adopts the cage type separator produced by German technology, which not only effectively improves the precision of powder selection, but also can configure the multi-head cage type separator according to the needs of users’ output, fineness and pass rate Fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily between 325 mesh-2500 mesh.


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