Mica has stable physical and chemical properties, such as insulated, high temperature resistant etc. Mica has wide applications in many industries, like construction, fire industry, and plastic, paper making, rubber and so on. Among various mica types, the most used in industry is muscovite, followed by phlogopite. For mica processing, the common used machines are crusher and grinding mill. In this article, we mainly introduce new and used portable mica crusher for sale in china.

With the application of portable crusher in mica processing, more and more investors found out its features and advantages. Also because of its flexibility and low production cost, portable mica crusher is getting more and more popular among customers. Portable crusher can be equipped with jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher according to the features of raw materials need to be processed. And in order to grade and separate the crushed materials into different sizes, portable mica crusher usually equipped with vibrating screen.

Compared with fixed mica processing plant, portable mica crusher shows remarkable advantages. It do not need infrastructure and can reach to the mining site and start to work immediately. In this case, this crusher not only reduces the investment and transportation cost but also has strong environmental adoptability. With these advantages, portable crusher is considered as the ideal equipment to process mica.

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