With the dwindling of natural sand resources and the protection policies from the government, the investment capital of natural sand increases but the profits decrease. In this case, more and more investors turn their eyes on artificial sand making. Quartz rock is a kind of very commonly used raw material for sand making. The Mohs’ hardness of quartz rock is 6.5-7.0, very hard. In this article, we mainly talk about vertical shaft impact crusher used for quartz rock sand making.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher For Sale

Vertical shaft impact crusher, also called VSI sand making machine, is the star product of SBM. This crusher is designed by our reputed expert and every index is in the world’s leading standard. It combines three crushing methods into one set, which are ‘stone on stone’, ‘stone on iron’ and ‘feeding from the center’ meeting different crushing requirements of the customers. There is one more thing that spoken highly by our customers, this quartz rock vertical shaft impact crusher can work 720 hours continuously without downtime.

SBM provides two series of the Vertical shaft impact crusher for sale, one is VSI series and the other is VSI5X series. There are various models in the VSI sand making machine, the engineer will recommend suitable one according to the requirements of customers.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher For Quartz Rock Sand Making

While used for quartz rock sand making, the vertical shaft impact crusher is the core equipment. Besides the sand making machine, we also need jaw crusher, cone crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, sand washing machine etc.

And the whole work flow is: raw quartz rock- feeder- jaw crusher- cone crusher- vibrating screen- vertical shaft impact crusher- sand washing machine- clean sand.

The models of machines in the above plant can be changed according to customers’ requirements. Our experienced engineers will design proper plant and quote the best price for you. So if you are interested in quartz rock sand making, do not hesitate to contact us.

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