Talc is a kind of common silicate mineral. It is very soft and satiny. Besides, talc is the known most soft mineral and be widely used as filler for fireproof, paper making and rubber, or used as absorbent of pesticide, paint of leather and material for cosmetics etc. There are rich talc resources in the world and there are quality white talc resources in China, India, Australia, France, and Italy and so on.

Talc Crusher For Sale

Since talc very soft, so we suggest jaw crusher and impact crusher to crush talc instead of cone crusher. These crushers are suitable to crush various materials that are medium hard or soft.

Among them, jaw crusher has simple structure and crushes talc through the movement of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate. Hammer crusher and impact crusher mainly crush talc through impact force produced by the high-speed blow bar.

Talc Crushing Plant Price

In 2011, a Nigeria customer contacted our company and said he wanted to know our talc crushing plant price. Our sales manager told this customer that different machines have different prices and we would first recommend suitable models for him and then quote the best prices. The customer was very pleased with this.

After communication, we learned about the max feed size of his talc, the capacity he needed, the final products size and some other factors. Our engineer designed a plant consist of jaw crusher, impact crusher, feeder, conveyor, vibrating screen for him and then quoted him the best price. In this plant, jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment and impact crusher is the secondary crushing equipment. Because the customer had high requirements about the final products shape, so we suggested him to adopt impact crusher instead of hammer crusher.

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