VSI Sand Maker

VSI Vertical-shaft Sand Maker is commonly known as the impact crusher or aggregate shaper. VSI Sand Maker is the fourth generation of high-performance sand-making machine developed by SBM on the basis of introducing advanced German technologies about sand makers and analyzing domestic situations of mining industry. Taking VSI Sand Maker as the prototype, SBM has pushed out upgraded VSI5X Sand Maker and VSI6X Sand Maker successively.

Product Features: Lower maintenance costs, longer service life of vulnerable parts, quicker adjustments

Input Size: 0-50mm
Capacity: 60-520TPH
Material: Granite, quartz, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, etc.

  • Easy Operation & Maintenance

    The VSI Sand Maker is light and has several installation manners. Its operation is easy and simple. Once the specific using purpose is determined, users can take full advantages of the sand maker by making small adjustments. The crusher is equipped with a hydraulic opening device which facilitates checks and replacement of parts inside the crushing chamber, saving time and labor a lot.

  • Advanced Technologies, Eco-Friendly Production

    Advanced technologies and high-quality makings used in core parts lower the failure rate of VSI Sand Maker. Unique damping design effectively lowers noises of the working VSI Sand Maker. The use of special air circulatory system greatly drops wind exhaust and dust emission volume, green and eco-friendly.

  • Vulnerable Parts Have Low Consumption But Long Service Life

    The optimized impact angle of crushing chamber reduces frictions between materials and wear-resistant parts, which further cuts using costs of the VSI Sand Maker. The standard dilute-oil lubrication station absolutely solves the heating phenomenon of bearings and keeps the bearing of axis at a constant temperature. So VSI Sand Maker’s maintenance period and service life are extended directly.

Working Principle

VSI Vertical-shaft Impact Crusher (also known as “Sand Maker”) has two feed modes – “feed at center” and “feed at center & sides”. As for the latter mode “feed at center & sides”, firstly, materials at the feed hopper pass through the circular hole. Then, materials are divided into two parts by the distributing tray. One part of materials enter the high-speed rotating impeller while the other part of materials fall from all sides of the tray. Materials in the impeller would be accelerated rapidly and thrown outwards at a high speed to collide with materials falling from all sides of the tray. Next, all materials hit the surrounding vortex material liner (or the impact block) inside the vortex chamber together. In the chamber, materials are bounced to the top of crushing chamber firstly and then change their direction by moving downwards to form a material curtain with materials emitted from the runner of impeller. Finally, finished products are discharged from the bottom discharge opening.

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