VSI5X Sand Maker

On the basis of introducing German technologies on sand-making machines and upgrading the VSI Sand Maker, SBM develops and researches a new generation of sand-making machine— VSI5X Sand Maker. VSI5X Sand Maker has multiple independent property rights and integrates 3 kinds of crushing modes. Now, VSI5X Sand Maker is the core equipment in machine-made sand industry.

Product Features: Lower maintenance costs, longer service life of vulnerable parts, quicker adjustments

Input Size: 0-50mm
Capacity: 70-640TPH
Material: Granite, quartz, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, etc.

  • Optimized Impeller Enhances Efficiency By 30% And Reduces Wear By 40%

    Through systematic mechanical analysis and verification, SBM optimized the structures of impeller and vulnerable parts. Compared with the traditional sand makers, VSI5X Sand Maker obviously increases the material throughput and ratio of crushing, and enhances the working efficiency by 30%-60%. The wear costs of vulnerable parts reduce by more than 40%.

  • Split-Type Structure, Extended Service Life Of Spare Parts

    Based on the actual situations of production, we found that some spare parts like the periphery guard board and impact block always wear terribly at some specific points. So, to avoid this phenomenon, SBM adopts the split-type structure when designing quick-wear parts, which not only greatly extends service life of quick-wear parts, but also reduces their using costs a lot.

  • Brand New Feed Mode

    In consideration that customers may have two production demands (i.e. sand making and shaping) which require the switch between central feeding and fall feeding, SBM made a brand new improved design on the material distributing tray so that users can easily switch the feed mode, shortening downtime for adjustments.

Working Principle

VSI5X Vertical-shaft Impact Crusher (also known as “Sand Maker”) has two feed modes – “feed at center” and “feed at center & sides”. As for the former mode “feed at center”, materials at the feed hopper firstly pass through the central hole into the high-speed spinning rotor. In the rotor, materials are fully accelerated and thrown outwards from the launching port to collide with a part of materials that freely fall after rebound. Next, materials hit the surrounding vortex material liner (or the impact block) inside the vortex chamber together. In the chamber, materials are bounced to the top of crushing chamber firstly and then change their direction by moving downwards to form a material curtain with materials emitted from the runner of impeller. Finally, finished products are discharged from the bottom discharge opening.

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