1000 TPH Stone Crusher Investment Cost

The hourly output is 1000, which is a high-capacity equipment for sand and stone processing enterprises, and the stone crushing equipment investment is relatively high. Therefore, many customers will be very careful when buying such large crushers, in order to buy good performance , High quality, long life equipment.

The follow is custom’s production site:

Daily operation: 10 hours (normal 20 hours)

Matching equipment: 2 jaw crushers + 4 impact crushers + vibrating sieve

Custom feedback:The production line was put into use in 2018. The overall operation is efficient and the overall performance of the equipment is relatively good. In order to better maintain the equipment in a better working condition, we have professional maintenance and maintenance personnel here to perform regular maintenance.

How Much Is The Total Investment

The 1000 tph crushing production line does not only refer to a fixed piece of equipment, so its price will not be single. When the corresponding customer is building a production line, it must be based on the nature of the materials, finished product requirements, and production capacity.


Equipment Configuration

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