Artificial Sand Making Machine Manufacturers in India

Being a famous and professional artificial crushed sand making machine manufacturer in India, SBM produces the advanced quality vertical shaft impact crusher as the sand making machine. Artificial sand is friendly to the environment and it will make best use of the waste materials.

Artificial sand making machine:

The sand manufactured by vertical shaft impact crusher is of cubical shape. Such sand can be used for all types of construction work, concreting, plastering etc. and is better substitute to river sand. SBM has produced the sand making machine to meet the production needs, vertical shaft impact crusher. The crusher is widely used for the powder process of mineral product including mental and non-metal ore, fireproof material, bauxite, glass raw materials, architectural materials, artificial sand and all kinds of metal ore materials, especially which has more advantages than any other machines in processing the more and most hard materials.

Working principle:

The vertical shaft impact crusher includes feed hopper, classifier, whirl pool cavity, impeller, main bearing assembly base, transmission device and motor etc. Operating principle is as follows: the materials enter the crusher through feeder hopper, which is divided into two parts, one part through the middle of classifier entering into the rotating impeller at high speed, then accelerated, whose speed can reach hundreds of acceleration, then is shot through the tunnels around the impeller by the speed of 60-75 meter/second. First the materials will impact with some materials fallen around classifier, then impact on the whirlpool cavity’s scale board together will be rebounded and impact on the top of the whirlpool cavity, then changes its direction an down, forms continual material layers with the materials shot from the impeller.

Therefore some materials will be impacted; crusher, milled twice or more times in the whirlpool cavity, then crushed materials will be excluded through the bottom discharging hole. This can from a closed circulation through the circular classifier system; in general, materials can be crushed into 20 meshes through thrice circulation. Airflow self-circulation in the whirlpool cavity can eliminate the dust pollution well.

Sand making machine for sale:

SBM, the artificial crushed sand making machine manufacturer in India, will offer customers the advanced technology machines which depend on the abundant practical experience and absorbs world first-class production technology. Considerate service is also provided to all the contractors. If you need more detailed information, you can contact us.

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