Artificial Sand Making Machine For Sale

Artificial sand refers to sand processed by a sand making machine. The grain size and grain quality of the finished product are controllable to meet the demand for sand in the industry. Commonly used sand making materials include pebbles, granite, limestone, quartzite, basalt, bluestone, dolomite, calcite and other materials.

Sand Making Machine Working Characteristics

(1) Large crushing ratio (feed 5-100mm, finished sand size 0-5mm)

(2) High production efficiency

(3) Energy saving and consumption reduction

(4) Wear-resistant materials with high hardness and high toughness multiple alloy wear-resistant materials

The reason why machine-made sand can gradually replace natural sand is precisely because of the promotion of sand-making equipment. In order to better meet the market demand, many sand making equipment with good performance and good processing effects have appeared on the market. If you want to know more about sand making machine, you can directly click on the online free consultation.


Equipment Configuration

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