Calcium Carbonate Powder Processing Plant

The raw lime stone is first screened & washed to remove undesized material and then it is fed to the vertical shaft lime kiln for preheating, calcinations & cooling operation. Here process is controlled automatically and quick lime & CO2 gas are obtained. Then quick lime is hydrated with process water in batch reactor and screened to remove lime impurity. The line slurry is then further processed to reach at designed process conditions, required in reactor for carbonation.

Calcium Carbonate Powder Processing Plant

The CO2 gas from lime kiln is cooled and washed in a vertical washer and then it is charged to the batch reactor. The required conditions are maintained in reactor to obtain different grade of precipitated calcium carbonate. This slurry is further washed, filtered and dried to get fine powder of precipitated calcium carbonate.

Carbonate Carbonate Powder Grinding Mill

Calcium carbonate powder plays an important role in many industries from agriculture to light and heavy industries, so the calcium carbonate powder processing plant is crucial in calcium carbonate production process.

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Calcium Carbonate Production Line

The carbonate minerals form the rock types: limestone, chalk, marble, travertine, tufa, and others. In carbonate production line, limestone is burned in a mechanically designed vertical shaft kiln to produce the desired quality to quick lime & CO2 gas. Quick lime of desired lump size is cooled and then transferred in to a hammer mill for crushing.

After crushing, quicklime is hydrated in the slaker by adding a controlled quantity of water to yield the hydrated lime with desired purity. This slaked lime is then stored in a big silo for providing some holding time and then classified in air classifier to obtain fine hydrated lime.

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