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SBM coal mining conveyor is designed to transfer coal from 2500 to 8500 tons/day output and 200 to 400 metre-long breakage faces with the coal seam thickness over 1.4 metres being advanced to the strike on-dip at up to 30бу, and up-dip at up to 10бу, in the mines including gassy and dust-explosion hazardous ones.

Coal Mining Conveyor

This conveyor can used to replace the traditional conveyor from which it differs in higher capacity, more powerful double-speed motor being employed and two-or three-fold extended service life of the panline.

The conveyor features a transfer machine which consists of the drive units, transition sections, main and transition pans and the flight-type traction unit. It can deal with all types of hard, abrasive, corrosive, hot metal and nonmetal materials.

Cola Mining Conveyor Specification and Features

Coal Quarry Conveying System Supplier

Conveying system is integral machinery in coal mining and quarrying applications. In old times, some referred to longwall mining as “the conveyor method” of mining, after the most prominent piece of machinery involved. Unlike earlier longwall mining, the use of a conveyor belt parallel to the coal face forced the face to be developed along a straight line.

Equipment Configuration

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