Coarse Aggregate Making Machine

The commercial use of aggregate is widely applied in construction where it may be mixed with other materials or used as is. Construction aggregate typically has a lower silicon dioxide content than does industrial sand and gravel. Coarse aggregate is mixed with other materials, such as cement in concrete foundations, roads, and buildings, or is used as is in road bases.

In recent years, many countries have accelerated their development agenda. Many large projects have been undertaking or are poised to undertake in the next future, which brings a valuable chance to aggregate companies and producers. And many of them are eager to seize this opportunity of growth. Nowadays, aggregate producers importe many sets of coarse aggregate making machines from China, which is famous for goods with high ratio of performance and price.

Coarse Aggregate Making Machine

In the coarse aggregate production line, it is consisted of the coarse aggregate making machine and aggregate washing machine. As for the coarse aggregate making machine, the deep rotor VSI crusher plays the role of aggregate making machine, which integrates many patents and three crushing methods, is a new and high efficiency crusher. The adaptation of deep chamber makes the throughput of materials increase by about 30%.

In addition, the direction of side plate can be adjusted upside down after it¡’s partially damaged, which will be able to bump up material using rate and prolong life span by more than 48%. Besides, the core abrasion-resistant spare parts are made of high degree wear-resistant and temperature-resistant materials. Today, more and more aggregate producers choose the deep rotor VSI crusher as their favored coarse aggregate making machine around the world .

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