Concrete Recycling Machinery for Sale

Concrete is often touted as being 100% recyclable. Very little asphalt concrete — less than 1 percent is actually disposed of in landfills.
For small scale asphalt recycling, the user separates asphalt material into three different categories:

Blacktop Cookies – Chunks of (new), un-compacted hot mix asphalt. New asphalt is by far the easiest material to recycle because it is low in density and will reflect heat well.

Concrete Recycling Machinery for Sale

Asphalt RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) – Chunks of compacted hot mix asphalt that have been removed from the street when repairing a water main or gas line, replacing manholes or catch basins or generally making “full depth” pavement repairs is commonly referred to as RAP.

Asphalt Millings – Golf ball size pieces of asphalt produced by mechanically grinding asphalt surfaces are commonly referred to as asphalt millings. Larger millings that have a rich, black tint indicating a high bituminous content are best. Surface millings vs. full depth millings are recommended.

Concrete Recycling Machinery for Sale

The complete concrete recycling production is consisted of serverla different systems includingseparation system, water supply system and electric control system. The separation system has two parts : Stones separation and Sand separation. We provide jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen,and mobile crusher for concrete recycling application.

Separation system: It is the main part of the machine, it mainly consists of the feeding flume(accessory) stone separator, sand separator, frame and screen off-stone system.

Water supply system: it mainly includes of submerged pump, sewage pump and spraying pipe.

Electric control system: It includes of electric control box(manual, automatic) and cable. It controls on and off action of motor and valve under the operation procedure.

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