Cone Crusher In Metal Mines

At present, most metal ore dressing plant crushing processes usually use two-stage one-closed or three-stage one closed-circuit operation. After all, the product size is mostly 25-Omm, and some are less than 20mm, but still large.

If the cone crusher is used for fine crushing, the grain size of the product can reach below 8-1Omm, the uniform particle size can be reduced by 70%, and the mill output value is added by 30^-40%.

Used Hydraulic Cone Crusher Machinery

If the ore is rich in moisture or mud, the scale of the lower mesh can be appropriately added to ensure that no ore blocking is the criterion. The medium crush can follow the original cone crusher, and can be changed to a cheap collar crusher. The process can also be simplified by using one piece of medium and coarse crushing according to the details.

Equipment Configuration

Other Case