Cone Crusher Machine Common Faults

Q1: Eccentric copper bushing burn down

Probable Solutions:

1. maybe some material which can not be process by cone crusher, such as iron, or steel was fed into the chamber.

2. to fine feeding material or the max. moisture of feeding material exceeds the limit

3. discharging opening is too small

4. bad lubricating. For example, wrong oil number, dirty oil or the oil is not enough

Q2: Movable Cone damaged

Probable Solutions:

1. feeding is not evenly or continuously.

Non- evenly or continuously feeding will cause damage to the cone. Because when the cone crusher work without feeding material, this will cause the movable cone copper bushing strike with eccentric cooper bushing. If this happens frequently, the cone will be damaged. Besides, working without material also damaged the cooper bushing of movable cone. Because the movable cone will swing or waver when it works without feeding material.

2. bad lubrication. Such as oil number is wrong, oil is dirty, oil is not enough,etc.

What should users pay attention to when operating a cone crusher

Due to the above problems, the users should pay attention to the following points:

1. evenly and continuously feeding to the cone crusher

2. check the material before feeding to cone crusher carefully, eliminate the steel bar, or irons.

3. feeding capacity match with the cone crusher processing capacity

4. if the material is too humid, it is better to dry it before processing. Otherwise, the humid material will block the cone crusher. Recommended humidity is less than 6%

5. choose the suitable model of cone crusher

6. other auxiliary equipment should match with cone crusher for a complete crushing plant processing, such as vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, screen, conveyors, etc.

Equipment Configuration

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