Cone Crusher Operation And Installation

Question:I am a quarry owner in Saudi Arabia, who should I ask for help if I want to buy SBM’s crusher in Saudi Arabia. Can you tell me something about the operation and installation of SBM’s cone crusher ?

cone crusher operation and installation

Answer:Thanks for your attention to our cone crusher. As for the operation of cone crusher, stones and ores must be put in the center of feeding plate which is an important spare part of SBM’s cone crusher, direct feeding to the crushing cavity is not allowed, because direct feeding is likely to bring overload of crusher, and cause uneven abrasion of lining plate, the maximum feeding size should not be equal to the opening size of crusher. As for the installation of cone crusher, we will sent the instruction along with our product, however, this instruction only includes the special instruction of installation for this machine, other details can follow general installation rules of machine. Our technical engineers will make a careful design for your quarrying activity according to the property of minerals, quarry environment, scale, and capacity requirement, etc.

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