Cone Crusher VS Jaw Crusher

Crushing features of cone crusher

The crushing of cone crusher is continuously, so cone crusher features high productivity, high reduction ratio, running stable, low consumption, more excellent finished product shape, etc. The disadvantage is that cone crusher features high height, complex structure, inconvenient to maintain and large infrastructure investment and repairing cost.

Crushing features of jaw crusher

The crushing of jaw crusher is intermittent, so jaw crusher productivity is relatively low; impact vibration so to relatively higher consumption and the finished product shape is not more uniform. The advantage is that jaw crusher features smaller height, simple structure, repeatable performance and easy to maintain.

Which to choose Jaw Crusher Or Cone Crusher

No matter what kind of crusher you choose, first, you should take actual requirement and the product specifications into consideration. For example, you should take into account feeding size, discharge opening range and the processing capacity to choose suitable crushing equipment according to crushing requirements.

Equipment Configuration

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