Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Cone crusher is mainly composed of frame, transmission shaft, eccentric sleeve, spherical bearing, cone crusher, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, spring and blanking port. Each part plays an important role in the operation of the machine, but there are four parts that are the most important equipment of the machine. The following are the important parts of cone crusher.

Main frame assembly: the main frame of cone crusher is composed of upper frame and lower frame, which are connected by hydraulic cylinder, with wear-resistant lining plate and protective cover inside: the upper frame is a weldment, its upper mouth is welded with wear-resistant copper plate, and the lower frame is an integral steel casting, which bears the weight of the whole machine and has a lot of work.

Main shaft assembly: the main shaft and the center hub of the lower frame body of the main frame are assembled with small cone interference fit. The main shaft is provided with axial and radial lubricating oil holes, which can also start lubrication in the machine.

Eccentric shaft sleeve assembly: the eccentric shaft sleeve is internally installed with a high lead bronze bushing fixed by screws; the lower part is installed with a large bevel gear and thrust bearing through bolts, wherein the upper thrust bearing is forged steel, and the lower thrust bearing is high lead bronze; in addition, the eccentric shaft sleeve is also installed with a counterweight assembly fixed by bolts, which is internally filled with lead and installed with a wear-resistant protection lining plate.

Dynamic cone assembly: the upper part of the dynamic cone is connected and fixed with the feed plate assembly by bolts, and the lower part is installed with spherical bearing bush, which can be matched with the spherical steel bush installed in the sleeve; the external part of the dynamic cone is installed with the dynamic cone liner made of high manganese steel, and the gap between the dynamic cone and the liner is filled with epoxy resin; the internal part of the dynamic cone is installed with the upper and lower high lead bronze bushes.

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