Construction Waste Processing Plant

Construction waste is refers to the construction of municipal construction, production process and demolition of old buildings, structures, municipal facilities, debris generated in the process of slag, brick slag, crushed concrete, sand dust, scrap steel ( wood) and water ( pieces), scrap, scrap, doors and windows decoration packaging materials such as waste.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency of construction waste is defined as:” the construction waste is in the building of new, expansion and demolition process generated waste material”. Its composition by carbonate, silicate and other inorganic salts, a small amount of natural, synthetic organic compounds, mostly for solid waste

Construction Waste Processing Plant

The building rubbish after construction waste treatment equipment of crushing and screening process, the masonry, concrete block is broken into aggregate, after sieving, removing impurities, formed a certain size requirements of raw materials, can also be sorted recyclable steel and wood.

Then according to the gradation design requirements in the raw material adding cement and fly ash and other accessories, adding a part of water after mixing, forming different building products and road construction products, these products can replace ordinary sand stone used for road base. Many construction waste processing plant will be used in this process : such as mobile crusher, vibrating screen, feeder, belt conveyor equipment. These devices will be better to treasure, the recycling of resources.

Construction Waste Processing Plant Supplier

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