Copper Ore Dressing Equipment

In south-central Africa Zambia, named for the zambezi river. Domestic land most belongs to the plateau area, it is rich in various resources, so also known as copper. In recent years, due to the government’s strong support, Zambia’s mining industry got great development, gradually become one of the main pillars of the national economy. Is developing rapidly especially in the mining of copper ore is rapid, which also benefit from the quarries in increasing production at the same time also pay more attention to the use of advanced equipment, to ensure the high efficiency and energy saving of copper ore mining.

Zambian copper ore dressing process

Large raw copper ore fed into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder, then the granularity of raw materials broken into a small stones,through the crushing deep V cavity of jaw crusher.Next the material will be sent to the cone crusher by the conveyor belt and the material being broken into conform to the requirements of the rocks,under the powerful role of laminating crushing.

Then,we can use a mill to make the stone onto powder,which meet the needs of customers.Finally, according to the characteristics of the ore certain,we can choose some suitable mineral processing equipment and start the magnetic separation, gravity separation or flotation classification.

Zambian copper ore high efficiency thickener

Most of the stone quarry choose the Shanghai SBM copper ore crushing equipment to service.Because their machie has the advantage of high efficiency and energy saving,stable operation,convenient installation,reasonable price,customized production.As we know the copper is a widly used metal ,we need some special equipment to carry on the processing of copper ore.

SBM designs and produces the GX series high efficiency thickener is similar with our center drive thickener. Its main characteristic is adding the flocculant to the slurry that to be thickened. Thus the mineral grain in slurry will become into flocculation.The sedimentation velocity will be highly increased and the efficiency of the thickener will be improved.It can continuously work for 24 hours without any stop. SBM’s High Efficiency Thickener has been proved a high-efficiency mining machine for copper ore pulp processing.

Iron seperation machinery manufacturer in india

As a professional manufacturer of drum thickener,China Shanghai SBM can provide you with various kinds of crushing, grinding and beneficiation equipment and will produce more good industrial thickener for global mining industry. Our products are sold in the world, and can provide sales or rental service.After understanding the copper ore dressing equipment in Zambia for rental

If you are interested in our copper ore dressing equipment in Zambia or you want to consult the product price and service, please contact us online, we will warmlly and carefully give a comprehensive answers for you.

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