Feldspar Flotation Separation Machine

Feldspars are either selectively mined or processed by optical, flotation and/or electrostatic separation, in order to remove the accessory minerals (e.g. quartz, mica, rutile, etc.) present in the ore. The feldspar then undergoes a comminution step including crushing and grinding process.

The degree of refining and possible comminution is very dependent upon the final use of the product. For a number of uses, it is perfectly acceptable, and even advantageous, that the product retains some accessory minerals, e.g. quartz, while at the other extreme some applications require extremely pure and finegrounded grades.

Feldspar Flotation Separation Machine

Feldspar Flotation Separation Machine

The feldspar recovered by flotation only represents about 10 % of the European feldspar production. The flotation process is essential to get a high quality grade (low iron content and high alumina content) required for some specific and important applications.

In feldspar flotation Separation process, many different techniques and equipment are involved such as milling & classifying, hydrocycloning, dewatering by screens or
vacuum filters, micas or oxides flotation, dewatering by screens or vacuum filters, feldspar flotation, dewatering by filters, drying, magnetic separation etc.

Fledspar Mining Equipment

Feldspar is extracted from quarries by simple excavation. The mined fledspar ore will be first crushed into the appropriate size and transported to the processing plant by conveyor belts or trucks.

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