Granite Crushing Sand Project Case

Granite is a crystalline mineral with high hardness. The principle of crushing is mostly broken according to natural arts and culture. It is an ideal raw material for mechanical sand and gravel for construction.

Basic Principles Of Crushing And Screening Production Lines


Granite Sand Produciton Line

The shape of the shaped stone produced by the cone crushing + sand making machine can reach the highest requirements of the materials used for the tunnel bridge and the pipe pile. The production line can also produce high quality machine sand.

From the product point of view, in terms of grain type, output, and stone powder content, the cone crushing + sand making machine production line has advantages over hammer breaking, roll breaking or other sand making equipment.

From the perspective of equipment, whether it is from structural design, equipment operation, wear life of wear parts, or replacement speed of wear parts (hydraulic opening), equipment control convenience (only one person is operating in the central control room, you can Controlling the entire production line), it is more economical than the hammer or other sand making equipment.

Equipment Configuration

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