Grinding Mill In The Tailings Crushing Plant

Mine tailings disposal is an important part of the production , but also an important part of plant construction and operation . In recent years , forced by the pressure of the environment and security , the reform of the traditional method of tailings surface stockpiling difficult aspects of existence , security and many other issues occupied land , and constantly develop safe and efficient tailings disposal technology , and gradually got the industrial application .

Most concentrator tailings discharge and stockpiling fine-grained , generally tailings particle size less than0.074mm accounted for 50 % to 70 %. According differences, tailings recycling investment capacity and production , etc. tailings processing granularity , you can choose different gravel mill to tailings treatment process.

Tailings waste is not completely useless , after appropriate treatment , often containing ingredients for other purposes , you can utilization. Gravel grinding machine mainly for mining equipment and mineral aggregates abandoned mill tailings again , the net election , recycling, recovery of the sector reached a new level , it is a stand-alone production, unique way , can also be equipped with sand , washing and other equipment , to maximize the savings the state mineral resources. The gravel milling equipment using high-quality wear-resistant materials , design, reasonable structure , easy operation and high economic returns and other characteristics.

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