Hammer Crusher Maintenance

Before using the hammer crusher, check whether the connecting bolt is loose, whether there is any debris in the crushing chamber inside the machine, whether the lubricating oil of each rotating bearing and other rotating parts is sufficient, whether the transmission device and the motor have belt breakage and delamination.

Whether the junction box and the grounding device of the motor are firmly connected, and the protection device of the transmission mechanism is intact. After the inspection before starting the machine, it is confirmed that all the components of the machine are in good condition before starting work.

When the hammer crusher is working, if it is suddenly stopped during normal operation, the machine equipment must not be forced to start before the cause is found; during the operation of the machine, if the machine generates abnormal vibration or abnormal knocking sound inside, stop the machine.

Check the discharge, do not directly boot, to avoid accidents. In the daily use of the hammer crusher, the machine should be maintained on time. Always check the tightening condition of the bolt connection points of each component, and tighten the loose bolts in time; after each work, the sieve bars in the working chamber should be Clean up and discharge excess materials and blockages; always check the wear level of the wearing parts of the machine, and replace the parts that are seriously worn out in time to ensure uniform feeding, not too much or too little, to prevent the machine from overloading; Also ensure cleanliness and regular cleaning of the bearings to ensure the flexibility of the bearings.

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