How To Choose Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher material

When manufacturing the jaw crusher, high hardness steel with high hardness and wear resistance will be selected. The high manganese steel looks thick and has a smooth surface. When the material is crushed, the strength is high and the wear time is long. It is also the choice when selecting the material. High-quality manufacturers choose high-quality materials at a better price, which is why the jaw crusher is of superior quality.


Supporting motor

The configured motor must match the power of the jaw crusher. Do not pull the cart by the calf, otherwise the output will not be reached, and it will easily lead to equipment failure and burn the motor. Our company will choose to cooperate with the well-known brand of motor, to ensure that we want to match our jaw crusher.


The process

The process is also important for mining machinery and equipment. The process mainly refers to the structure and shape of the equipment itself, as well as some details such as whether the steel plate is welded, clean and seamless. As we all know, the general quality equipment works fine, and every detail is handled very well. The entire welding area is flat and clean, and there is no gap in each welding area. The equipment has a long service life, good quality and high production efficiency. Therefore, when purchasing the jaw crusher, it is necessary to check whether there are cracks and gaps in important parts such as the frame, the sill plate, the side guard, the transmission parts, the adjusting device, and the lubricating device.


Equipment weight

The weight is also the standard for the benchmark jaw crusher, as the weight of each jaw crusher model is specified. If the device is not good, such as counterfeiting, then many technical parameters such as its weight can not fully meet the requirements, which is a very convenient and intuitive method to test the quality of the device.


after sales service

The general manufacturers are very familiar with the quality of the jaw crushers produced. They will make an after-sales plan based on this situation. The equipment is very good in terms of after-sales. We emphasize the whole process of tracking the pre-sale, sale and after-sales links. As a good customer’s staff and assistants, customers will feel relieved, satisfied, and comfortable, and improve the overall value of customers, so that customers have no worries.

Equipment Configuration

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