How to control dust diffusion

The jaw crusher will inevitably generate dust during the crushing process. This paper mainly introduces the causes and improvement measures of dust pollution.

Dust pollution analysis

Method For Dust Diffusion Of Jaw Crusher

First, closed control

Seal the dust-producing points with a sealing cover to minimize the spread of dust.

Second, eliminate the difference in height potential

The high potential energy difference caused by the drop of the powder in the hopper, protective cover and chute of the handling equipment is the main reason for the dust to overflow. The drop should be minimized and the inclination of the chute should be reduced. Some closed chambers are best to cause negative pressure. . This is conducive to the collection of dust.

Third, wet dust removal and exhaust dust removal

According to the cause of the dust, countermeasures for controlling the dust source can be separately formulated: a spray device is installed at the feeding port and the tape transfer point. And to control the amount of water to humidify the stone, it can greatly reduce the dust pollution at the transfer point in the crushing workshop; when the transfer point, especially the underground construction of the conveying material, is poorly ventilated, centrifugal fan should be used to force the ventilation to enhance the dust speed and air volume; When the dust is generated during operation, the dust collector is controlled by the negative pressure of the bag filter.

Equipment Configuration

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