How To Crush Limestone To Mesh Sizes

Step 1. Mining: The limestone is excavated from the open cast mines after drilling and blasting and then loaded onto dumpers and transported to the limestone crushers.

Step 2. Crushing, stacking and reclaiming raw materials: The limestone is crushed in the jaw crusher and then fed into the impact crusher with mixing of clays to reduce particle size below 50mm. Then it is stacked into a longitudinal storage unit called the limestone storage stockpile. Finally the limestone is extracted transversely from the stockpile by the reclaimer and conveyed to a raw mill bin for grinding.

how to crush limestone

Step 3. The raw mix goes into the raw mills for drying and fine grinding, then comes out as raw meal. The raw meal is then stored and homogenised in a concrete silo. When the raw meal is extracted it’s called kiln feed.

Step 4. The kiln feed into the preheated kiln system to make the limestone clinker (residue). You, as the limestone producer, will have almost complete control over the clinker composition by blending raw materials of different compositions to produce the desired result. The final product is stored in concrete silos.

Step 5. Packing: Cement extracted from the silos is conveyed to automatic electronic packers where it is packed in 50 kg bags and dispatched in trucks.

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