How To Judge The Quality Of Artificial Sand

How About the Quality of Artificial Sand

1. Quality meets the standard: Although the sand produced by the sand making machine may be a little weaker, but it also meets the GB / T 141684293 standard, users can rest assured to use it;

2. Changeable grain type: The sand of the sand making machine can be processed into different particle sizes according to the actual needs of customers, such as: 0.15-0.3mm, 0.3-0.6mm, 2.36-4.75mm, etc., which can better meet daily needs;

3. Reliable quality: Because the raw materials for artificial sand production are artificially selected, the material is uniform, the composition is pure, the mineral composition and chemical composition are consistent, not as complicated as natural sand, the sand particles are clean, and no muddy and other harmful impurities , Stable performance.

How To Improve The Quality Of Artificial Sand

Selecting a reasonable sand making machine is the most critical

No matter what kind of sand making equipment, the performance of the equipment is the key to determine the quality of the finished product. Different sand making machines have different principles, which determine the performance of the equipment. The equipment performance will not be the same, so if you want to improve the quality of the sand making machine, you need to start with the sand making machine!

Equipment Configuration

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