How To Reduce The Grinding Mill Vibration Noise

As one of the non-metallic mineral milling equipment , and a strong vibration mill for projectile motion , rotation speed and slow motion revolution movement , causing the material to spread the meantime a strong impact , friction, shearing, so that superfine material crushed and mixed uniformly , more models , a wide range of applications , both for rough grinding , fine grinding, you can also use ultra-fine grinding.

Vibration mill is the use of grinding media ( spherical and rod-like ) high-frequency vibration in the cylinder body of the material for shock, friction, shearing and other effects, so that the material crushed finely ground and ultrafine grinding equipment. Vibration mill into their inertial vibration characteristics and partial rotating ; divided by the number of single cylinder and multi- cylinder barrel ; press operation can be divided into sub- batch and continuous . Vibration mill can be used for dry -milling , wet milling may also be used . Vibration mill is stable and reliable , low consumption , low noise , long life, stable modes , screening efficiency.

In the actual production, a large vibration mill Raymond mill and other noise is brought milling machine manufacturers now has not been solved. Many factors generate noise , vibration which is one of the important reasons , then the mill ‘s production of how to reduce the noise of it , here are some suggestions given by experts mill method .

Why would the grinding mill shake when it works ? The main reason is due to the milling equipment at the time of manufacture of the wheel imbalance , caused by the processing error and, therefore, generate noise. In fact, some noise has relationships with many aspects, such as parts of the material , manufacturing and services, structural design itself , roller bearings stepped positioning accuracy is closely related to other factors , in the face of these problems .

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