How To Reduce The Replacement Cost Of Jaw Crusher

In the working process of jaw crusher, when the tooth shape of the jaw plate is worn about 70%, the crushing effect on the material is greatly weakened, so the jaw plate needs to be replaced. According to the use statistics, under the condition of normal production, the replacement cycle of the jaw plate is about 15-20 days, and the weight of the jaw plate is up to 300-400kg, which makes the replacement operation very difficult, generally lasting for 5-6h, not only affecting the production but also increasing the production cost. Let’s take a look at how to reduce the replacement cost of jaw crusher jaw plate.

Improvement measures

Because the wear area of the jaw plate is not uniform, if we improve the jaw plate to a sub master plate, that is to say, a 220840 groove shape is cast in the wear area, and two & phi; 40 sub jaw plates are pre cast in the mother jaw plate to fix the screw holes under the condition that the external dimension of the jaw plate is not changed, the tooth shape is not changed, and the number of teeth is not changed. Based on the groove size of 220840 cast on the main jaw plate, the designed sub jaw plate size is the same as this, and two fixed holes of the pre cast sub jaw plate are the same with the main jaw plate in the center hole distance, and the number of teeth is the same as the main jaw plate. Special attention shall be paid to that when the sub jaw plate is installed into the jaw plate, the size shall be accurate and the inlay degree shall be high, otherwise the fixing screw of the sub jaw plate is easy to break.

Improvement effect

When the main jaw plate of jaw crusher is fixed in place, two & phi; 40 holes are opened for the sub jaw plate according to the center distance of fixed holes. After the jaw plate is installed in place, the start-up operation is carried out, and the effect is good. When the jaw plate of jaw crusher is worn, it is not necessary to replace the whole jaw plate, but only to replace the sub jaw plate. One jaw plate weighs 70-80kg, and it only takes about 2H to replace one jaw plate, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of maintenance personnel, shortens the maintenance time, and reduces the replacement cost of jaw plate wear.

Equipment Configuration

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