Impact Crusher Capacity Influence Factors

Generally speaking, there are three factors that influence impact crusher capacity, namely, ore properties, working condition and impact crusher work parameters.

Influence of ore properties

Since different ores have different hardness, density, metallic character and ore texture, the crushing capacity will be different relatively. When crushing ores that with good hardness, the capacity of impact crusher is reduced. That is because the ore of good hardness is hard to be crushed. Ores with large density can make the production capacity larger and the density coefficient can represent the density effect on crushing. Furthermore, ores that have loosen texture and well-developed cleftiness are easy to be crushed. The ores with high water content and silt content will easily cement and block the crushing chamber so when the ores are too wet, the capacity capacity will be decreased.

Influence of working condition

When processing hard and brittle ores, we should use small stroke and processing soft and sticky ores should use large stroke. Large discharge opening will have large capacity but the reduction ratio will be reduced and the crushing action will also be reduced. In the discharge opening is too large, much of the materials will be discharged without being crushed. When the discharge opening is small, the reduction ratio is higher but the capacity is too low. So when the impact crusher is working, both reduction ratio and capacity should be considered and it is better not to pursue a one-sided only.

The influence of impact crusher work parameter

When talk about various kind of impact crusher, there are many factors that influence capacity capacity, such as impact crusher’s types and specifications, ore discharging mouth size, rotational speed and schedule and nip angle have influence on crushing. For example, when doing the same crushing work, using different types of impact crushers will get different production capacity. In the condition that there are same feedings and the same product particle size, gyratory impact crusher capacity is 2-3 times of the jaw impact crusher capacity.

Equipment Configuration

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