Impact Crusher Common Fault And Its Treatment

Impact crusher common fault has a lot of kinds, so the elimination method is also different. The following four is the most common troubleshooting methods:

A such as the abnormal found impact crusher vibration

  1. The material is too large. You can check the size of incoming material.
  2. Uneven wear.The impact crusher hammer head need to change.
  3. Rotor imbalance. That need to be adjusted.
  4. Improper handling. Need to check the foundation bolt and reinforcement.

B If discover impact crusher bearing heating

  1. The bearing is short of oil. Need timely refueling,of course, too much will also make bearing heating, be sure to check the oil level, when refueling.
  2. The bearing is damaged.You should should timely replacement bearing.
  3. The cover is too close. Adjust the bolt and keep it is advisable to elastic moderate.

C If discover impact crusher discharging granularity is too big

  1. The hammer head wear. Need to hammer head exchange or replacement.
  2. The clearance between the back plate and hammer head is too big, generally is adjusted for 15 to 20 mm.
  3. May also be the feed particle size is too big, so influence discharging granularity.

D If the belt of crusher overturn

  1. The belt is wear. Need to replace the triangle.
  2. A problem of the belt assembly. Need to adjust the belt pulley on the same plane.
  3. Quality problems of the triangle itself.

Equipment Configuration

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