Impact Crushers In Cement Industry

In order to meet the increasing market demand, cement sand stone enterprises use advanced production line equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality and reduce production costs. Popular in the cement sandstone processing and production industry is the impact crusher. As a high-efficiency crushing equipment, the impact crusher not only has large production capacity, high production efficiency, but also produces better quality and uniformity. It also greatly reduces the energy consumption of equipment in the production process.

Impact Crusher Features

1. The structure of the machine is unique, with high vortex crushing chamber and P, S and T three-stage crushing zone, which makes the crushing efficiency higher and the production capacity larger.

2. The rotor body with key cone sleeve connection, the high-efficiency wear-resistant hammer inserted into the installation, the unique tooth-shaped counter-attack liner, the multi-directional door opening frame, the screw rod or the hydraulic opening device, etc., so that the equipment can replace the wearing parts, Maintenance is more convenient.

3. Compact structure, strong machine rigidity, and large moment of inertia of the rotor.

4. High chrome plate hammer, anti-impact, anti-wear and impact.

5. No key connection, convenient maintenance, economical and reliable.

6. The crushing function is complete, the productivity is high, the wear of the machine parts is small, and the comprehensive benefit is high.

Equipment Configuration

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