Improving The Screening Efficiency Of Vibrating Screen

In the process of mining, vibrating screen also played a very important role. But vibrating screen also appear some problems, material screening is not completely to undersize material under 5 mm material is from the upper sieve plate through etc… To solve these problems, we can take the following measures:

  1. For how to improve the opening rate of sieve plate. High opening rate is conducive to improve the screening effect, usually stainless steel welding sieve plate opening rate high attention.
  2. Improve the screening rate can be adjusted into the way, in the field of space position without careful consideration, the material is not the full screen to the wide, is bound to cause can not make full use of sieve.
  3. Reduce screen batter hole rate, can consider to choose the cleaning sieve plate, such as the spring rod type screen surface.
  4. Under the condition of site if conditions allow.We can consider to adjust the screen Angle, the appropriate Angle is beneficial to reduce the thickness of the material, thin layer material screening.
  5. Conditions permitting, wet screening, this is the most effective way to improve the sieving effect.
  6. For circular vibrating screen, can consider to adjust weight method to improve the screening effect.
  7. For dry screening, we will strictly control the moisture, when the water is on the high side, can consider to ingredients sieve.
  8. Conditional word, increase fixed screen into the material end, coarse mesh.

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