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Magnetic separation is most commonly used to separate natural magnetic iron ore (magnetite) from a variety of less-magnetic or nonmagnetic material. Today, magnetic separation techniques are used to beneficiate over 90 percent of all domestic iron ore.

Magnetic separation may be conducted in either a dry or wet environment, although wet systems are more common. Magnetic separation operations can also be categorized as either low or high intensity. Low intensity techniques are normally used on magnetite ore as an inexpensive and effective separation method.

High intensity separators is used to separate weakly magnetic iron minerals, such as hematite, from nonmagnetic or less magnetic gangue material.

SBM Iron Separation Solution

SBM has been dedicated in magnetic separation for more than one hundred years. SBM has produced more than five thousand magnetic drums used in both dry and wet processing. Our iron ore magnetic separation equipment are continuously undergoing improvements to meet the everincreasing demands of our customers. We have been and is still the leader in the development of high capacity, high performance wet and dry low intensity magnetic separators for several decades.

Iron Beneficiation Plant

SBM is a global supplier and manufacturer of iron crushing, grinding, separation and beneficiation equipment. Iron separation machine are available in several sizes and tank designs in order to meet the varying requirements of the iron ore processing industry. SBM has always worked closely with the iron ore industries, which has led to some unique features in the magnetic separators that have resulted in outstanding operating performance.

Our Iron beneficiation plant has been exported to many countries all over the world such as USA, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Iran, and India etc.

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