Kaolin Processing Plant

The kaolin milling production line is designed according to the customer’s site investigation and combined with the actual requirements of the customer. The equipment used includes jaw crusher, Raymond mill, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder,Analytical machine and related auxiliary equipment.

Kaolin Production Line Flow

First, the large kaolinite is broken into small-sized kaolinite with uniform particle size under the action of the jaw crusher; next, it is evenly sent to the discharge bin by the bucket elevator and passed through the electromagnetic The vibrating feeder feeds it evenly into the Raymond mill and carefully grinds it;

After the grinding, the kaolinite powder is properly graded under the joint action of the fan and the analyzer, and the unqualified material will be returned to the host. Re-grinding within the powder; the fine powder that meets the fineness requirements will enter the finished silo with the pipeline, and then the packaging truck can be unified.

Kaolin Processing Equipment

Equipment Configuration

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