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Manganese ore dressing processes includs gravity dressing, magnetic dressing and floatation. Because of the manganese ore exists in the form of fine grains it is hard to separate the monomer. Even though most of the monomer were separated it is difficult to solve the problem of the separation of the finest. Therefore, manganese ore dressing is aggregate dressing. So called aggregate is the mineral of relative high grade particles with coarse grains and easy to be separated. The disadvantage of it is low grade of concentrate.

Manganese Washing and re-dressing

Manganese carbonate dressing with sprinkle on vibration screen. Manganese oxide dressing with primary and secondary dressing in double screw trough washer. We developed a new process of self-grinding size degradation process. It combines the process of grinding, erasing and wasing. It has been used in dressing of loose manganese ores. It is a creative development of dressing process.

Manganese Ore Dressing Equipment

The gravity dressing machine are jigging machine, shaking bed and high media drum separator, whirlcone, vibrating chute and etc. High media – intensive magnetic separation is used for manganese carbonate. Disposal of wall rock is in the first stage, deep separation is in the second stage.

Magnetic Separation

Intense magnetic separation is the most extensively and successfully applied process. It has been rapidly developed since China is open to the outside world. All of the major manganese mines applied the process. However, few of the mines use solely magnetic dressing. Most mines use combined process consisting of some of ore washing, gravity dressing, floatation and magnetic separation.

Flotation Separation

Floatation dressing is often used manganese processing technieque in China. Zunyi Manganese Mine used a joint process of intense magnetic and floatation. The chemicals of pertrolium sodium sulphonate and oxidized paraffin soap are used to catch rhodochrosite in floatation dressing. Chemical dressing, selective precipitation and concentrate dehydration and other process were studied. However, it is far to be applied in production.

Equipment Configuration

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