Marble Crushing Process Plant

Marble mining is a non-metallic mining, and processed stone sand is often used to supply mineral raw materials. The equipment for marble mining and processing includes crushed models such as jaw crushers and impact crushers. After crushing and washing, sand making machines and vibrating screens are required.

Marble Process Flow

1. Unprocessed marble enters the vibrating feeder. In addition to supplying materials, the equipment can effectively filter out certain impurities and make sufficient preparations for entering the jaw crusher.
2. The material is initially crushed. The selected equipment is the jaw crusher. The main reason for choosing this equipment is that its production capacity is very high, so as to meet the requirements of user output.
3. After the first-stage crushing, if the discharge granularity can not meet the standard, the secondary crushing is also carried out. The equipment used is the hammer crusher. Its main advantage is that the crushing ratio is very large, so that the discharging will be more delicate.
4. After the crushing is completed, enter the sand making machine for sand making operation. This is the core equipment of the process. In the process of hardware configuration of the production line, it is good to choose a sand making machine with excellent performance and excellent quality, so that the sand making precision will be more high.
5. The next step is the sand washing operation. The equipment used is the sand washing machine. The newly developed sand washing machine has a very high technological content and is simpler and more convenient to operate.


Equipment Configuration

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