Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Station

With Austrian urbanization pace forward,the skyscrapers stood up.This also brought another product which is construction waste. Construction waste refers to the projects such as man-made or natural causes of construction waste, including waste residue, waste concrete, waste brick, clay soil and concrete, etc.

Construction waste is not only large,take up a lot of space and land resources and even have serious pollution to the environment to a certain extent.Therefore, for the processing of construction waste has become a problem to the environmental protection.It is also crucial that what type of machinery to choose for construction waste recycling.Shanghai SBM creatively introduced mobile construction waste crushing station ,which is suitable for construction waste recycling.

Austrian mobile construction waste crushing station

Austrian mobile construction waste crushing station in line with”the new concept of close to the material to deal with”. According to the requirements of the different crushing process of “broken after the first screen”, can form a “screen before breaking process”, crushing plant can be combined according to the actual demand for the coarse crushing, finely screening system.It also can be combined into the three sections of screening system of coarse,medium and fine.Austrian mobile construction waste crushing station has the very high flexibility and can maximum limit satisfy the needs of different customers.

SBM Austria mobile construction waste crushing station can be divided into the standard type and closed circuit.It also can produce the more combination according to the demand for high-end customers and can maximize meet customer demand. Austrian mobile crushing plant is used for mining, quarrying, urban infrastructure, roads, and the work in the construction site, etc.It is a professional production of crushing, screening, conveying and other rock breaking and mineral processing equipment.

Advantage of Austrian mobile construction waste crushing station

  1. Convenient integration of a complete set of units, and strong maneuverability, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation expenses.
  2. It can crush the materials on-site and can move according to the raw material mining face advancing, thus reduces the material transportation cost.
  3. Strong adaptability to the environment, and can customize according to customer requirements.
  4. Design concept to eliminate the broken barriers bring by broken area, the environment, multifarious basic configuration and complex logistics.
  5. Unit compact space layout is reasonable,which maximum optimize the configuration of the facilities, reduce the space and truly achieve the goal of high efficiency and low cost operation.

Equipment Configuration

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