Nickel Ore Crushing Equipment

Distribution of laterite nickel ore in the world within 30 degrees north and south of the equator line tropical countries, concentration distribution in the tropical Pacific rim, subtropical regions. Nickel belongs to iron, the content of the earth after, iron, magnesium, silicon, oxygen in the fifth.Indonesia is a country rich in nickel ore, under the support of the government this year, nickel ore exploitation have been vigorously developed.

Nickel is a kind of approximate silvery white, malleable and has a ferromagnetic metal elements.Its qualitative hard, with magnetic, good plasticity and corrosion resistance, therefore, can be highly polished and corrosion resistance. After dissolved in nitric acid, green.Main can be used to make money, stainless steel material, catalyst, and various corrosion resistance alloy. Now has been widely used in ceramic products, special chemical containers, electronic circuit, green glass and nickel compound preparation, etc.

The crushing process of nickel ore in Indonesia

Native nickel processing and servicing in our life,need to pass the original stone crushing, screening, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, re-election steps and so on. So on a nickel ore production line, the native of nickel ore crushing this link appears especially important, because this step determines the whole production line and material particle size and production capacity. So the nickel ore crushing go through two steps:

Coarse crushing

Native of nickel ore by vibrating feeder evenly send into the primary crusher, jaw crusher is the inlet, the size and the shape of the material after broken can be smaller and more uniform stones. And then by the conveyor belt conveying to the next level crusher finely.

Finely crushing

Because the nickel ore is relatively hard, to meet the requirements of the material of broken, we can choose cone crusher in secondary crushing. Cone crusher from received by the conveyor belt, after primary broken nickel stones, is again the material input and feeding mouth to break. Material processed by cone broken by vibrating screen for screening, can meet the demand of grain as a finished product material can be transported from the scene, is not in conformity with the requirements of stones through the conveyor belt to return back to the cone broken broken again.

Equipment Configuration

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