Pebble Sand Making Machine Price

Under the background of dwindling of natural sand, mechanism sand has become an important alternative. Among various mechanism sand raw materials, pebble has a wide application. Pebble has hard texture, and the maximum compressive strength of it up to 300MPa. It comprehensive Mohs hardness of it can reach 7 degrees.

Because of excellent compression resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, pebble becomes an ideal and green building material. And we all know, pebble resources are quite abundant. It is widely distributed in the nature. So on the one hand, the collection cost is very low.

On the other hand, it won’t cause ant environmental pollution. Finally, pebble after being processed is with the features of even and reasonable grade. So using it in concrete can effectively increase the compressive strength and impermeability of concrete. And it can improve the overall performance of the concrete. So, how to process pebble?

Because pebble has high hardness, if we choose traditional sand making machine, there is no doubt that it will cause great damage to the machine. And wear parts consumption is also very great. As a result, the production cost increase significantly. Therefore, we should choose professional pebble sand making machine instead. Of course, we should design the processing line reasonable. Multistage process is your best choice.

SBM is professional sand making machine manufacturer. We have more than twenty years of experience. Our machine adopts the advanced technology and manufacturing process. Our sand making machine price is reasonable. If you want to know specific price, please contact with us.

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