Portable Conveyor Belt System For Rent

The portable conveyor belt system is SBM’s most popular line of conveyors. Its lightweight, yet sturdy construction gives the owner convenient, versatile, and economic service. This belt conveyor is a popular choice for rental companies because it gives their customers a quality rental choice and they get a good return on their own investment in material handling conveyors. The machine comes standard with a narrow frame and 2″ bucket cleats. Able to fit in small spaces, these workhorse conveyor belts are great for moving dirt and similar materials quickly and conveniently.

Portable Conveyor Belt System

Portable conveyor belt

SBM portable belt conveyor system design differs to that of conventional conveyor designs. The conveyor belt is supported by two endless wire rope cables, one on each side of the belt, in lieu of idlers. The belt has almost no tension induced as it simply “goes along for the ride”. This type of design requires a special sort of belting and SBM manufactures a belt known, or ‘pre-formed for variable loading’. The belt is designed to be pre-formed or “dished” to maximize the amount of material that can be carried while minimizing material spillage. The conveyor belt is more rigid across the width than a conventional conveyor belt as it must support both its own weight and the material load. Additionally, the belt is designed to deflect a specific amount under load according to the capacity and characteristics of the material to be carried.

As with conventional conveyors, variable speed drives can be offered, while standard reducers, couplings and braking systems are used to drive and control the conveyor. The major difference between the drive of a SBM belt conveyor and a conventional, is that with conveyor, two drives are required, one for each rope. An electronic differential is used to balance the load and speed on each drive and this same technology allows for the simple introduction of the multiple drives.

For long-distance material handling, SBM belt conveyor provides for a reliable, well proven means for transport over the most rugged and arduous terrain. The conveyor is well suited for use as a slope belt, overland conveyor or down hill system. Over the years, belt conveyors have seen work in a variety of environments. Whether the processing plant is, SBM conveyor can be tailored to meets the needs of the project.

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