Portable Conveyor Belt System Rent

One way to reduce the tranportation costs in quarrying and mining process is to use conveyor belts. The special need of a quarry operation, with a high frequency of relocating the mobile crusher, requires a mobile and flexible conveying system combined with a fixed conveying system. The portable conveyors are assigned to haul the crushed material to the fixed system and equalize elongation between those two systems.

These tracked mobile conveyors work over shorter distances than stationary ones, because they have to work as a flexible link between the track-mounted mobile crusher and the field conveying system. Because it is expensive to buy a complete new plant, we also provide portable conveyor belt system for rent.

Portable Belt Conveyor Supplier

Belt conveyors save a lot of money comparing with dump truck haulage. Belt conveyors are much cheaper and easier to maintain, because they contain far fewer parts and they also don’t use as many spare parts, e.g. tires, as dump trucks. In addition the excavator can be downsized to fit the capacity which is needed for the crusher.

We developed complete ranges of stationary and mobile conveying system for quarrying, mining, construction, recycling applications. There are also portable conveyor belt system for rent. Please contact us for more information.

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