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Cement has various uses and in most cases is the cheaper alternative to granite.

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Types of Cement

Portland cement: These are commonly used in civil engineering projects, industrial and commercial buildings, and in residential construction. Also called white cement.

Blast furnace slag cement: These release a small amount of heat during hydration and contain low-grade sulphates used for subterranean work in harsh environments and in sea-related projects.

Quick setting cement: Used in works that needed to be completed in a short period of time, especially in places with static and running water.

Low heat cement: Used in massive concrete constructions like gravity damns.

Sulphates resting cement: This cement is used in constructions exposed to severe sulphate action by water and soil in places like canals linings and retaining walls.

High Alumina cement: Used in works where concrete is subjected to high temperatures, frost, and acidic action.

Coloured cement: This cement is usually used for decorative works in floors.

Pozzolanic cement: Used in marine structures, sewage works and for laying concrete under water such as bridges, piers and damns.

Air Entraining cement: This type of cement is specifically suited to improve the workability with smaller water cement ratio and improve frost resistance of concrete.

Hydrographic cement: This cement has high workability and strength.

Different types of cement have different prices, You can contact us to get price of cement or price of cement plant.

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