Quartz Investment Prospects

Quartz stone countertops are available in a wide range of colors and can be widely used in public buildings and home decoration. It is a non-radioactive, recyclable environmentally friendly, green new building interior decoration material. Under the premise of promoting green production today, the investment prospects of quartz stone will be very good.

Quartz Sand Production Line

The quartz stone sand production line consists of a complete set of quartz stone sanding equipment, mainly for crushing, shaping, cleaning and drying of quartz stone materials.

The first stage: crushed

The natural quartz stone must first be crushed by crushing equipment. According to the crushing characteristics of limestone, the jaw crusher and cone crusher can be selected for processing. The jaw crusher and cone crusher have larger crushing ratio and stronger crushing capacity. For the crushing effect of limestone is better.

The second stage: sand making

The quartz stone sand production line needs to use the quartz stone sand machine. The quartz stone processed by the quartz stone sand machine has better grain shape, more uniform particle size, better gradation, fine adjustment of fineness modulus, and greatly improved. The application taste of quartz stone.

The third stage: screening

The circular vibrating screen is a commonly used screening equipment in the quartz stone sand production line. It is also an advanced screening equipment in China. The circular vibrating screen can control the specification of quartz stone within a certain range.

The fourth stage: cleaning and drying

If the user chooses wet sand making, the sand washing machine can be used for cleaning, and then dried by the dryer, which can improve the application taste of the finished limestone.

Equipment Configuration

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