Raymond Mill Technical Design

Raymond mill with energy saving and cost reduction by technical renovation, is updated to MTM trapezium mill and MTW trapezium mill. 

raymond mill

Raymond Mill Technical Design

Efficient vertical turbine powder classifier, featuring separating precision and high efficiency; unique airtightness, able to effectively prevent coarse spillover and ensure the quality of the finished products.

The unobstructed wear-resistant volute can effectively improve the efficiency of the wind-driven transmission in the mill and simultaneously reduce the costs for material maintenance.

The circular duct can avoid air energy loss and ensure the transportation efficiency; the high-strength guard plate can protect the working face of the air duct.

The innovative and practical multiple labyrinth seal design ensures the performance of roller and ring, which directly reduce the maintenance costs. The new breakthrough materials application of roller and ring guarantee the higher durable performance rather than traditional materials.

The combined-type shovel blade can reduce the cost of wearing parts, with only the blade to be replaced during maintenance; the design of its curved shovel blades can change the feeding angle and prolong the service life of roller and ring, up to reduce the operating cost.

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